Other people’s nerves

The boy didn’t sound nervous when he called Tuesday night to tell me he was closing on the house on Wednesday. He didn’t sound excited, or anxious, or relieved, or anything. He was pretty even-keel, like he usually is.

Probably Not The House In Question.

That’s OK. I’m all of those things for him. I’m good that way…  a bundle of other people’s nerves.

Anyway, I’m posting this after the time he was supposed to be closing. So as not to jinx it. If it can be jinxed. If I even believe in jinxes. Which I am not sure I do. In fact I’m sure I don’t.

(Except when it comes to dating. Dating scenarios can totally be jinxed.)

But this does cover my postaday commitment for the day, so that’s a win.

Plus… it is very possible that the boy owns a house now.

Go boy go.


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3 Responses to Other people’s nerves

  1. My crayon houses always had the chimney on the right side. I wonder if that has something to do with left-brain vs. right-brain critical thought processes?

    Oh, they also always had wispy curlicue tendrils of smoke drifting lazily skyward.

    Indicative of a perpetual winter, I suppose.


    • aka gringita says:

      Re: right-side chimneys: me too, usually! But then, drawing with the mouse left the roof all unbalanced, and then I felt like the chimney “needed” to be on the left side, aesthetically, to balance it out…

      The picture is clearly unfinished, anyway, in that there’s no ground, no flowers, no sun or puffy little clouds or smoke or anything…

      Totally a drawing FAIL. 😉


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