Someone is confused about the definition of “real”

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The TV has been on for a while, background noise while most of my attention is on the laptop. I look up every so often, but I’m not really paying it any mind.

And then I hear this, which gets my attention:

This Memorial Day, see a real hero…

It’s a commercial for the new movie, Thor.

Um, wait, what?

OK, I didn’t see the whole commercial to know if that was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. I only heard the one line. But the movie-voiceover guy (as always) sounds rather serious. That one line makes me think there may be some, um, confusion.

Not to go pooing all over someone else’s mythology, but last I checked, Thor was part of the Scandinavian pantheon. If there’s anyone still worshiping those gods who might be offended for my saying so, I apologize… but for the rest of us, let me just point out: Not. Real.

The real heroes to focus on this Memorial Day are, in fact, real heroes.  Real, mostly-everyday, otherwise-ordinary people who are sacrificing their time and their comfort and their safety – and in some cases, their very lives – in the service of our communities and our country.

I’ll be honoring them, and their families, this Memorial Day. Among other things that I’ll do, and that I am free to do, in part thanks to them.

What I won’t be doing: watching Thor.

Though honestly, that’s only partly because of the commercial.
I probably wouldn’t be watching it anyway.
The commercial just clinched it.


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