If anything finishes defrosting

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I will be cooking this weekend.

I know… it’s a shocker, right?

There’s a chicken defrosting since Thursday evening, which is still a bit firmer than I’d really like. So maybe I’ll be roasting that on Monday.

And there’s some ground beef that is the future base of some empanadas I intend to make. Also rock-hard at this point, but more easily micro-defrosted. Still noodling on what I’ll put in them.

Onion and garlic. Some Adobo.

(Hey, does anyone know anything about Adobo seasoning? My grocery store sells roughly 6 varieties of “all purpose” Adobo seasoning, and the packaging doesn’t give me any hints as to what the differences are (other than a close read of the ingredients list, and even then there’s a lot of similarity) or any clues as what the different varieties might be more-or-less suited to. Am I supposed to guess? To intuit? Is it like a secret handshake thing, you only get to know it if you’re “in the club”? Help!).

But I digress…

Some chipotles. Some pickled jalapenos. Some tomato paste. A hint of cumin, a dash of chili powder. Maybe some cream cheese to reduce the heat. No “regular” cheese though; I’m not a big fan of cheese with beef.

Or… whatever. I need to go see what’s in the cabinets.

So… yeah. I am uncharacteristically in a cooking mood.  Off I go then. Enjoy your Sunday!


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3 Responses to If anything finishes defrosting

  1. Yor Ryeter says:

    I love empanadas, I don’t really make them but I buy them all through my life 😀

    Good luck and my hopes are high that it would taste great. Wish I could taste it 😀


  2. Cheese + beef = slammin’ good tacos. 🙂

    I bought an Adobo seasoning packet once, but couldn’t tell you the differences between the various brands.


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