Culinary recap

Queso Blanco Cheese

Image by Baha'i Views / Flitzy Phoebie via Flickr

“What are you eating?” I ask him. He’s a bit of a mumbler anyway, but I’m pretty sure that this is different. He’s eating something while he’s on the phone with me.

“Cheese,” he tells me.

“What kind?”  (I know, you’re wondering why I even care about the minutia of his snack. What?  It’s a topic.)


“That’s a little inspecific,” I laugh. I am thinking of all the light colored cheeses he could be talking about. Who describes their cheese as simply “white”?

“I don’t know what else to call it. It’s white cheese,” he assures me.  “But not cream cheese. It’s good with…” and he goes on to tell me more about the nuances of what he’s eating with the cheese.

But from the cream cheese reference, I realize what he’s talking about. He’s eating queso blanco. Which does translate to “white cheese” … but probably shouldn’t be translated. Queso blanco is queso blanco, and since I’ve never found it on sale at my grocery store (the Latin foods section isn’t that extensive after all), I always have to use cream cheese as the next closest thing when making my guava empanadas.

Which brings me back to yesterday’s cooking adventures.

For the record: guava empanadas are still my favorite. That’s at least partially because guava paste – thick and sticky as it is – is more manageable. Which means the entire empanada-making process is not as messy and frustrating.

The chicken empanadas were my next favorite. I like chicken and cheese and veggie and spice. It was all good, and somehow… less messy to make, which goes a long way toward not becoming irritated about my dinner before I even get started. Plus, the crust goes well around chicken (it was always my favorite part of chicken pot pie, too).

Not so much with the beef. The mixture was tasty; I’ll probably be eating it sans wrapper for the next few days. But the mess was messy and the crust didn’t add anything to the dish.

So I made up the first batch in beef, and then switched to finish off my guava paste (I promise, Mark, next time I’m at the store I’ll get a picture of the stuff to help you find it) for dessert.

Not bad. A little sprinkle of cinnamon & sugar, and it’s just all good.

I’m supposed to be roasting a chicken later today. Guess I better go see if it’s defrosted enough that I can go deal with the internal nastiness (shudder) that is the first step.

See ya. And… have a safe and happy Memorial Day.


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  1. Yes, a picture would help. Thank you kindly.


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