Things to note

Roasted chicken

Not my chicken: Image via Wikipedia

Roasting a chicken sounds like a good idea. It sounds like an especially good idea when it’s been unseasonably cool and drizzly for days on end. But when said chicken takes nearly 4 days to defrost enough to cook, it will not seem like nearly as good an idea. It will especially not seem like a good idea when the weather has turned unseasonably hot and having the oven on is like a little slice of hell on earth.

And MAN, that was a big chicken. Taking. Forever. To Cook. But the house did smell all kinds of delicious, what with my having seasoned the chicken under the skin with a mix of seasonings and butter and leftover pesto sauce. Buttery basily chickeny goodness. Yum.

In other notes, papas rellenos (which are what I had for dinner, since the chicken was not going to be done at anything like an hour that could qualify) are delicious. Super duper delicious, in the case of the spicy iteration I’m working from. However, in the meat-browning process it is best to retain a little of the fat, unless one wants to add fat in a new form later. Which is to say, I overdrained the beef, leaving my filling too loose, leaving the rellenos formation process really messy and frustrating. This was solved by adding back in a little cream cheese, but had I not been quite so good about fat removal up front that would not have been necessary.

Well, I think I’ve probably exhausted my cooking impulse for another decade. Whew. Glad that’s over. 🙂

Plus… who’s going to eat all this food?!? 

Oh, no. I just realized… I might have to get creative with some of the chicken leftovers.


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2 Responses to Things to note

  1. How big was that bird?! Even my Thanksgiving turkey is usually defrosted in 4 days!


    • aka gringita says:

      Not that big, really. But every so often my fridge decides that everything needs to be much cooler than usual. Which is annoying when I’m trying to defrost. But it’s better than when it decides that nothing needs to be quite as cold as I might have liked.

      Technology. Go figure.


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