Extra random, even for me

shepherd's pie

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This is about to be extra random, with a side of flighty.

I follow a bunch of travel sites (I know, huge surprise, right?) and my peeve for today is the posting of a reader poll as if it were an article. Certain sites try to slip these past all the time. I was hoping to read about the top (whatever) locations. I was expecting to read about the top (whatever) locations. I was not expecting to be asked about the top (whatever) locations. It’s called a subject line… use it, people. False advertising! I want my click back!

They had a free skin cancer screening today at work. I signed up.  You know… better safe than sorry and all that. So I had the doctor look at the spot I was worried about, and he said it’s nothing. It’s a common enough nothing and nothing to worry about. Nothing is wonderful, by the way.  I didn’t go for the whole body scan, though. The screening was in the nurse’s station of the office, not in a medical center. And I just couldn’t see myself getting in a state of un- or half-dress at the office. It’s just not my scene.

The clearing of the fridge continues. The leftover chicken is going to be chicken pot pie. I have stumbled on a few recipes that look promising (suggestions are extremely welcome, by the way, keeping in mind that peas must be absent or optional because peas are not food, as far as I am concerned).

Meanwhile the last of the mixture I’d been using for rellenos was converted into the base of a spicy something-like-shepherds-pie today. Mostly because making the rellenos was way too much effort. Whereas spicy shepherds pie (kinda) was much easier, and just as tasty.

I am going to have way too many casserole-for-dinner choices for a while. But at least I won’t have to think too hard about what’s for dinner.

And for now… that’s all folks!


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9 Responses to Extra random, even for me

  1. I’ve tried several different chicken pot pie recipes but have yet to find one I really like. I came close with a turkey pot pie recipe last Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t quite moist enough.

    I have to admit, finding yourself in a state of un-dress at the office is a bit peculiar the first time.


  2. That’s true…

    Let’s just say, when your employer trusts you with keys to both the kitchen and the storage closet, and you’ve got an acquaintance of the opposite sex coming out to visit you surreptitiously and feeling quite frisky, you’d be surprised how quickly you can find yourself undressed at work. Especially when there are counters – or piles of boxes – to bend one over.

    You’ll never look at me the same way again, will you? 🙂


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