Slow and easy Sunday

It’s truly amazing how little it is possible to do on a Sunday. Especially when the fridge is stacked with servings of leftovers; no need to cook a thing.

Good times.

So I have mostly lazed about. Significant amounts of time get sucked away by the computer, of course. A bit was spent on starting A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (which looks like it will be a good read, but certainly not something I’d want to be lugging on an airplane… the case for getting an eReader grows). And amidst all this, there was the way-too-much time spent with crime dramas on. (And then I wonder why I have nightmares.)

Screenshot of the opening title card of Law & ...

Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

At present, I am relaxing in my living room. The TV is playing a crime drama. There are actually two that I’m flipping between, because I’m a glutton for electronic punishment. And I am, as you can tell, on the computer. Again. Or still. And I am smelling smoke wafting in from outside. It’s too late for grilling but it’s a cool and pleasant spring evening and some of the houses behind the complex have chimineas.

But I still peeked out to make sure I didn’t see flames. Because earlier this week I saw not one but two instances of mulch catching fire. As wet as this spring has been, it’s been very dry for the last week or so, and there’s tons of new mulch down. And of course, there’s the problem of the smokers who think the world is their ashtray. A dangerous and potentially deadly combination.

But I don’t see flames out there. I don’t hear sounds of panic or sirens, either. So I’m guessing I’m in the clear.

Non sequitur: Bryan Batt (Salvatore “Sal” Romano of Mad Men) is on Law & Order: Criminal Intent tonight. Episodes of L&O:CI with Vincent D’Onofrio are about the only thing that will get me to turn off Criminal Minds (on the other channel, in fact… flip flip flip) but it was just such a pleasant surprise to see “Sal” again. Even though he’s another character, and not Sal at all. 🙂 He’s probably going to turn out to be the killer. You know, unless it turns out to be the wife. (PS. It was the wife.)

OK, that’s Sunday in my world. How was yours?


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