Days missed


Feels like this inside my apt: Image by lore via Flickr

I will report – with apologies to those who mind, and just as a point of fact for those who don’t – that I missed my postaday obligation for yesterday due (in part) to connectivity issues. Which are ongoing. So I may continue to post less regularly than usual over the next few days.

Other updates: work is busy and hectic. The ladies are coming tomorrow. I am not cooking for the event, in that it is presently in the mid-90’s and the normally-insufficient A/C is truly not up to this task. So I am hot, and the oven is not going to be on at all for the foreseeable future. Just as well, no groceries in the house.

Augh. Jobs to do.

If I don’t catch up with you, have a great weekend.


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

One Response to Days missed

  1. You, too. Hope your weather cools off so you can roast another chicken and end up with 23 more meals!


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