Hollywood makes me sad

I’m not sure I could say it better than Jim Edwards does in his article on BNETAd for “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” Movie Leaves No Nip Unslipped | BNET.

I enjoyed (and didn’t) the “Girl” books so far. The books are well-written. The characters have some depth. Salander’s self-protective withdrawal resonates. I love that she’s smart, sharp, self-sufficient (although almost too much so, one grows to understand why.) But I have a hard time identifying too hard with other aspects of the characters… everyone seems to be leaping in and out of bed with everyone else in a way that feels rather haphazard and willy-nilly to me..

In any case, to have Salander topless and exposed in the promo… it’s not that there are no scenes in the Swedish movie in which she shows some skin, it’s just… that is not consistent with her character overall.  She’s a character who is all about stopping and punishing abuse against women; a dark angel of vengence and retribution. She’s not a character who would have allowed herself to be objectified in that way. She’s a character who would have rained terrible judgment down on anyone who tried.

Steig would have hated the new movie promo. So do I.

But then, Hollywood very often makes me sad.


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3 Responses to Hollywood makes me sad

  1. Patti says:

    I enjoyed the books and felt the story unfolded in a compelling way throughout the series. I watched the movie with my husband, and I didn’t think it translated that well to film – my husband’s comment was, “That was pretty disburbing.” And I think he was looking at me a little squiggle-eyed, wondering why I liked the series so much. It’s easier to read about a lot of that stuff than it is to see it – I prefer keeping the more disturbing images on the page. And you’re right about the weirdness of the relationships – makes it look like sleeping together is just a normal part of being acquainted with someone.


    • aka gringita says:

      Patti, I totally agree about the story line of the books being very compelling.

      One more point of disappointment in the movie: is there nothing pretty about Sweden? Or am I supposed to take away that the place is ugly because ugly things are happening? And if that’s the case, wouldn’t that mean the whole world is ugly?


  2. All I can say about the movie poster is: ouch. Thathad to hurt.

    I haven’t read the books, so I can’t really say whether the nudity is gratuitous or not. As a typical male, you won’t find me saying I mind seeing a nipple or two, but the article did bring up a good point: this story is so well-known and already comes with a huge built-in audience, “sex sells” is hardly necessary.


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