Hey sis. You rock.

I would hate to have two blogs in a row on the same topic… you know, like, ever, as that would be decidedly less than semi-random.

Fortunately, I have no problem at all leaping to new territory.

Blue Sheep Bake Shop makes some of the most amazing and delicious cakes around.

The calendar is helping me with that, today.

Today is a birthday. Well, I mean, duh. It’s always someone’s birthday, even if I don’t know who.

But TODAY is the birthday of someone I’ve known… well, her whole life.  And the part of my life that counts for anything.

My sister is amazing. She’s bright and bubbly and funny and strong and sweet and thoughtful and faithful and a terrific mom and the bestest sister and… and… and… well, she’s just awesome. I love-love-love her, to an incredible degree.

(Do you know that moment? The one where you know something is true every day, but then you pause and you look hard at it for a moment, and realize just how intensely, breathtakingly true it really is?  I am having that moment, for my sister and her birthday.)

I love you Sis. Be good. Be safe. Have fun. You rock.  ❤


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

3 Responses to Hey sis. You rock.

  1. Yeah, you’ve pretty much set yourself up as “that semi-random girl.” I mean, it’s right there in your sub-header. No pressure now.


  2. Awww…Happy Birthday to your sis!


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