Image by matthewvenn via Flickr

So, we’re back to cold or microwavable meals at my place. It’s roughly 95 degrees in here right now. The A/C is not making much of a dent yet, in part because it’s not just the heat… it’s the humidity.

It is, in a word, sticky in here. And not even in a good way.


So I need to get up and unstick myself… from the couch, from the computer, from the general unpleasant stickiness of stillness… and pour something cold over something even colder… and listen to some cool tunes while standing in front of the cool air coming out of the A/C vent.

Yeah, that should do it.


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Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

One Response to Sticky

  1. I imagine it’ll be pretty sticky in Ohio when I get out there!


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