Roast beef and chocolate mousse

Choc Mousse.

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I totally got you with that one, right? No, seriously. Dinner tonight was roast beef. Which means, of course, that the evening was not nearly as appallingly hot as yesterday had been.

The chocolate mousse, I must report with mixed feelings, was not dessert, but appetizer. This was due to the fact that I came home from work, well, hungry. Waiting for a roast to cook was not going to be pretty sans snack.

It was one of those Yoplait dessert yogurts.  I picked up a few in my last Peapod delivery.  Most of the ones I’ve tried so far are… just OK. And, well, not that low in calories. I mean, sure… compared to actually eating chocolate mousse or pineapple upside down cake or cherry cobbler, sure, it’s a calorie savings. Compared to having the Dannon Light & Fit yogurt that I usually choose… not so much. And like I said, not that great. Honestly, I like Light & Fit white-chocolate-raspberry or lemon chiffon.  OK, not that often. Mostly I like strawberry and raspberry. I also really like roughly half the calories. Just saying.

BUT. That said… the chocolate mousse was not that bad. Though I might suggest that they consider marketing it as raspberry chocolate mousse or something. Not because it actually has raspberry in it or that they should add raspberry flavor. Just that… well, it’s yogurt. So it has that sort of yogurt tartness. Which is to be expected in a yogurt, but not so much in a chocolate mousse. So, yo, Yoplait: relabel the chocolate mousse to raspberry chocolate mousse. It will give the tartness some grounding as a “planned” flavor, instead of the thing you couldn’t cover up no matter how you tried.

Just a thought.


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