Eat all the groceries the first day

There’s something wrong with these grapes.

I ordered groceries from Peapod last week, as you might (or might not) recall. I like Peapod. It keeps me from having to go to the (shudder) grocery store. Plus, when things are heavy, it’s really nice to have someone else hauling the stuff across the lot, through the courtyard, and up the stairs. It’s really nice, especially if I buy a lot of stuff, or heavy stuff, or both.

The problem is – and technically this is a problem even if I (shudder) go to the store – you have to eat everything the first day, so that you can let them know immediately if there were any problems.

I believe they’d actually prefer it if I could eat everything while the delivery guy is still standing there. But, c’mon, how awkward would that be?

Like, for instance: There is some kind of gizmo they use to wrap meat at the Peapod center. It has posts of some kind that touch the plastic. They don’t puncture the plastic, but they do touch it.

I know this, because although the meat is sealed just fine when I get it and those touch-points are not visible, if I put it in the freezer those points are weaker than the rest of the wrap, and as the package freezes, they open. So it’s actually required that I either immediately cook and eat (or at least cook) all the meat I buy from Peapod, or that I repackage it before I throw it in the freezer. (Yeah, that’s environmentally friendly. Totally.)

But I have contacted Peapod to let them know this happens (and it happens Every Single Time), and all I got back from them is a note that in future I should let them know about issues immediately upon receiving my order, so that they can make it right.

Um. No. You don’t understand. First of all, I am not contacting you to say that I’m unhappy with the quality of something and need it replaced; I’m reporting an overarching issue that needs to be addressed in your warehouse. Maybe you need thicker wrap. Maybe you need the gizmo adjusted. Whatever.  Second, this is not something I CAN find out as soon as the product arrives. It happens once the item is frozen. Which takes time. So there is no way to tell you about it any sooner than I am.


The solution to this is not to buy meat through the Peapod service. Which is a shame, because they often have better quality and more variety (for meat products, variety is more limited for general grocery items) via Peapod than in my local Stop & Shop store.

So anyway, last time I ordered, I got the aforementioned grapes. Seedless green grapes, to be specific. They of the “something is wrong” statement that started us off.

The grapes are… well, they’re bitter and texturally wrong. I’ve had grapes get soft and unpleasant after nearly-a-week of being ignored, but I’ve never seen them get tough and bitter. What the –

Oh. Here’s the problem. The seedless green grapes I ordered? Have seeds. Which, you know, is not the end of the world. But it is inconvenient. I hadn’t planned on halving and seeding them first. I had planned on a simple wash-and-eat approach.

So I didn’t actually get what I ordered. Not the end of the world, or anything, but still… irritating.

And it’s been too long since I bought them to do anything about it.

And this, my friends, is just one more reason why it’s important to eat everything the day you get it home from the grocery store.


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3 Responses to Eat all the groceries the first day

  1. Patti says:

    My local safeway store delivers and I take advantage of that service from time to time – they’ll take back anything, however – they’ll either pick it up next time, or you can return it to the store, no questions asked. For me, it’s the produce that keeps me from doing it all the time – they just don’t pick the same fruits and veggies that I would – but overall, I’m happy that it’s an option.


  2. I’ve never had groceries delivered. While I think the convenience sounds great, I like to be in charge of picking out my own food, I guess.

    Seedless green grapes with seeds. Now, there’s a first.


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