But dang, the lawn looks good

A Striped Lawn

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Because my father first wasn’t well enough, and then wasn’t allowed, to mow their lawn, it had started getting a little… long. Very long, actually. And with the two of them planning to leave on vacation in the near future (health issues permitting), they needed it done.

Technically, he doesn’t have to be couch-potatoing today. But since that timetable assumes that he did good, steady couch-potatoing up until this point – which we have established that he has not – and since it’s probably not good for him to be breathing a lot of kicked up dust and grass particles and whatnot… he could not mow. Or he should not mow, which is not quite the same thing.

So today, mom and I mowed the lawn, to his exacting standards, while he monitored and directed (and started the mower for us when it needed it) but mostly stayed in the shade and out of harms way.

I don’t have a yard. I don’t “do” outdoors in general, unless I’m on an adventure (usually, camera-in-hand). So this was… experiential.

We did the whole yard (usually he’d do front and back on separate days) but we wanted to make sure we got it done, before he tried to go out and do it before we get up, or something similarly sneaky. So that’s a job behind us. Phew!

And you know… that yard DOES look awfully good now.


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One Response to But dang, the lawn looks good

  1. Mowing the lawn was always my least favorite chore when I owned a house with a yard. Nice of you to step in for your dad!


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