That time again

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Midyear reviews are due. I hate review times, but midyears are pretty easy. A few clicks to indicate “Ahead of, On, or Behind Plan” a quick paragraph on how its going… done.

It’s really not too bad, all in all, compared to year-end when at the peak of new year busyness, we have to scramble through reviews and goal-settings and myriad other bits of administrative crud. At year-end, I have to validate every single goal. Paragraphs and paragraphs of what-I-did and why-it’s-important and all the general fluffiness that goes against my nature.

My bent is to give myself a bad review, and let my manager correct me upward, if I should be. I would SO much rather be the one being hard on me. I’m so GOOD at it, you see. 

My manager would rather I sing my own praises loud and long in the review, so she can just go, “Yup.”  Or, you know, tell me why I’m wrong.  Which again, would be fine if it’s a case of “Sorry, Gringita, but you haven’t given yourself enough credit here” but I really don’t ever want to be having a conversation that sounds more like, “Seriously, Gringita… you’re laying it on a little thick here, doncha think? Who do you think you’re kidding?”

Meh. Midyear time is here again. Submit them now, discuss them next week…



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One Response to That time again

  1. More corporate blah-blah-blah. I always hated self-reviews!


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