Nostalgic for America

Main Entrance to the Cody Firearms Museum

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My blogfriend Mark (check my Blogroll for Mark My Words…) has returned from his recent road trip from WA to OH and back. He described fireworks in Boise, ID. I remembered the parade in Cody, WY. He was revisiting his history. I was seeing all-new parts of America. As he drove through places I had visited last year (and of course a good many I hadn’t) and shared his adventure with us, it made me long to see the beauty of this big and diverse country again. So I’m watching my slideshow from my adventure… and I’m thinking… I need to get back and see more.

There’s so much more to see!



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One Response to Nostalgic for America

  1. The thing about taking a road trip is, once you do it – you want more. Even though I consider mine “the trip of a lifetime,” I’m already thinking about possibilities for next year (providing I have both the time and money). Love your slideshow – I’ve never been to Yellowstone, and while I considered stopping there on this trip, I couldn’t afford the detour. But a shorter, more intensive trip to the Dakotas and back next year? Hmm…


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