There’s a plan

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Tonight’s the night. The boy is taking me to the final show of Camelfest. I know he’s had the tix ordered since last week, but it only now feels definite: he just called me to make the evening’s plans. We’ll eat there. He’ll figure out where we’re going and where we’re parking. Basically, he’s taking care of the details. Which is good. Sometimes you need to let the guy be the guy and trust him to take care of things. Which I am. Which is only partly because I knew not one helpful piece of information.

Not that he didn’t call me to see if I had made a plan. Or knew where we were going (um, the venue name and town, yes, the neighborhood or directions, no). Or where we would park (I know there are paid parking lots; I don’t know where they are… or what they charge… or where they are in relation to our destination). I had no ideas on any of these points, except that if we were interested in eating there, there’s a menu at the venue.  Unless he’d prefer to eat here, beforehand.

So he made the plan. With what sounded like the most minimal amount of eye-rolling at the other end of the phone. I know, I know… usually I take care of details. Especially when the whole thing is my idea.

Not my neck of the woods, not my call. So say I.  I trust him; he can handle it.

He’ll be here between 5 and 6. We’ll eat there. He’ll sort out where we’re going and where we’re parking. I’ll pack something to crash at his place afterward, since he lives 10 minutes away and I live 45 minutes away and he won’t feel like driving far so late. Although when I remind him that I have places to be in the morning, he may feel differently anyway.

For the most part, there’s a plan. And for the most part, I’m not the one making it.

Oh my, but that feels good.


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2 Responses to There’s a plan

  1. congluteous says:

    It’s between 5 and 6 pm here — awful quiet here.

    Go crazy!


  2. I’m like you…a bit of a control freak myself! Not that you’re a control freak…but I get that it’s hard to just hand over control to somebody else and trust that they’ll do a good job.

    In any case, hope you have fun!


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