Stress can kill you. In more ways than one.

Effects of stress on the body.

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When you’re shaken up by life, your concentration is off. You lose things that are exactly where they belong. You forget how to do simple things. Or not to do simple things.

Once, after being in a very minor fender-bender, I was so discombobulated that managed to burn through not one but two burner covers.

I returned post-accident-and-associated-stress-inducing-activities, and went to cook something to eat.  I removed the cover from one of my stove’s burners to use it, and then turned on the other… an error I caught – having ruined the cover but narrowly averted a fire – and then immediately did again with another burner. And then, as I recall, I gave up on the whole food-preparation gig, and made hot-air popcorn instead (it seemed like a safer way to go).

After which I set the popper aside, and returned 10 minutes later to a foreign smell that proved to be the popper melting on a still-warm burner.

When I think back, it seems like a miracle that I didn’t burn the house down that day.

Stress is dangerous. Watch yourself out there.


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3 Responses to Stress can kill you. In more ways than one.

  1. timkeen40 says:

    I live with stress on a daily basis. It is just part of my job. Dealing with it is difficult to be sure. I learned this last February that not dealing with it can be more deadly. Amen to the idea that stress is dangerous.


  2. Love the chart – it’s very informative. Glad you didn’t burn down the house.


  3. congluteous says:

    My boss claims he has no worries in life. Whereas others around him fret and fritter, he just lets everythign roll off his shoulders. I have to admit, I’m jealous!


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