Clipped wings

Continental sends me their weekend specials.
Southwest tells me their deals.
Travelzoo and Shermans and Orbitz all keep me apprised of travel opportunities of all kinds.

I’m not going anywhere for the next 6 weeks.

Well, no, that’s not quite true. I’m going to NY for a one-day team meeting (gak!) this week and a conference in Orlando in November and there will be Thanksgiving with the ‘rents.

But I have also committed to 6 weeks of Saturday morning meetings with the ladies (none of which will be impacted by the above), while we do a study together. 

Six weeks at 8AM on Saturday mornings. Egad.

I know, I know. I originally joined for a 6-week stint and ended up staying for the whole year. Hosting, it at my place, most of the time. And not regretting a moment, truth be told.

But… it wasn’t every week, except for a very short period at the beginning. I can’t do every week, not really. Every week means I can’t really go anywhere.

“C’mon down and visit us this weekend,” say the ‘rents, and I can’t. Saturday morning meeting. The meeting this weekend to be followed by a Motor Vehicle inspection, because I’ve managed to wait until the last possible weekend before realizing I was due to get that done. Oopsy.

So, no. I can’t come to visit this weekend.

And I can’t be flying off to destinations far away, no matter what the deal might be — which makes me feel like my wings have been clipped.

Nor can I be headed off to see my girls. Which I really, really want to be doing.


It’s going to be a wonderful, rewarding, amazing, confining six weeks.


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

2 Responses to Clipped wings

  1. On the plus side…think of all the money you’ll save?


  2. Kassi says:

    Still sounds like a great time of fellowship!

    p.s. congrats on doing really well on post a day. I fell off the train.


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