Green is not my color

The Head Ache

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The headache woke me a little after 4AM, bad enough to make me get up and take something. And then lie in bed waiting for relief or sleep or both. And then get up to put VapoRub on my forehead. And then stumble back into bed to wait for relief of sleep or both.

The 6AM… 6:15AM… 6:30AM alarm finally got me out of bed. Groggy and discombobulated, I couldn’t find the alarm to shut it off for the longest time. And then I couldn’t find my way out of the bedroom in the dark.

Yeah. It was really dark this morning, what with the early and the rain. And my eyes were all bleary and unfocused. Not sure whether to blame the headache or the lingering need for sleep.

Oh yes. The headache. The headache lasted

and lasted

and lasted

and turned into nausea midday

which lingered

and lingered

and lingered

long after the headache decided I could have a reprieve.

Green? Green is not my color.

Hope your day was better.


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

2 Responses to Green is not my color

  1. congluteous says:

    Blessings. Feel better.


  2. Groggy and discombobulated is never a good combination. Hope you feel better today.


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