My top 4 carols

English: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 日本語: 天には栄え

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Just days to go! Just days! And as such, I’m ready to think Christmas carols! I have a general aversion to carols as a whole (more than a little ironic, actually). But it’s the last few days, so I’m ready!

So… here’s my top 4. (I was trying to get to 5, but I was struggling to come up with Just One more.)

Anyone else feel like dancing? Maybe in the aisles of a store, even?

Honestly, who can feel unhappy while this is playing?

It might be completely ridiculous to say so, but I’m among friends here, so who cares… by the time we get to the line: I have no gift to bring | That’s fit to give our King, I get misty-eyed.

And this one is my favorite “real” Christmas carol. Not necessarily “this version” — just this song. (My favorite version is probably when my nieces are singing it. But, hey. It’s hard to go too far wrong with a sound sentiment.

It’s possible tomorrow I’ll be revisiting with some of the worst ones. How about you? Which ones do you just love?


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2 Responses to My top 4 carols

  1. congluteous says:

    My #1: O Come, O Come Emmanuel:

    My #2: In the Bleak Mid Winter

    Listening to these two on YouTube make me suddenly very misty, very nostalgic, like you mentioned.


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