And so they come

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… and so they go…

The Ladies were over this morning. A couple arrived a good 15 minutes ahead, when I was (fortunately) dressed and just putting the finishing touches on cinnamon rolls and such. So from almost-8 to almost-12, I had the fine company of women I like and respect and (in various ways) admire, who are all so different and yet so much the same.

Ah, the human condition.

And then my apartment falls to silence. The laundry is mid-cycle (I have a timer set because I’m not a total laundry room boor). In answer to prayer one of the heavy duty washers was free when I arrived, so quick work is being made of that overdue task.

My sister is hosting a houseful of little girls today so my birthday-wishing will have to wait until there’s less drama going on. (I’ll call later; it will give the SBN something to tell me all about.)

And until I have gathered the last of the laundry in, I can’t get my workout started. And I think that’s what I want to do next.

So … it’s a waiting game over here. Tick tock, tick tock.

What are YOU doing this fine Saturday?


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2 Responses to And so they come

  1. congluteous says:

    Isn’t it nice when you find there is room at the inn in the form of one empty heavy duty washer? Practically speaking, that is huge. I feel the same when I’m able to find a parking space on Main Street downtown when I’m running my chores. Today, just keeping watch over things, making sure everyone is okay, and catching up on some badly neglected work emails.


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