The people who know us

Trevi Fountain

Image by caipirinha via Flickr

How well do we know each other?

How much of ourselves do we let other people know?

How high are the walls that separate us?

I live in the happy fiction that I am hard to know. (Yes, even as I blog this tonight, I live in this illusion.)  And I suppose, introvert than I am, there are ways in which I am hard to know. Ways in which the extroverts in the audience may find me a confusing and conflicted muddle. A silent secret, a mystery, an enigma…

OK, that’s overselling it.

But there are ways in which I’m just as hard to figure out as the next person. And just as easy to figure out as the next person. And just as capable of keeping up the high walls that keep anyone from getting to know me. The facade is safer. What you don’t know about me, you can’t use against me…

But it’s impossible to have any kind of human relationship and still live behind the walls. And if we don’t let people know us, how can they let us know that they understand? That maybe they are more like us than we know? Or even if we are as different from them as day and night, that they love us anyway?

Tonight I am thankful for the love and support of the people who know me, in all the various ways that they know me. Layers on layers. The workfriends who’ve become real Friends. The friends who’ve become Family. And the family that’s a Gift to me every single day.

Today’s post was inspired by the latest of my “52 thoughts” — a treasure on a slip of paper from the one person who is so much of my life and history… who shares all the inside family jokes and can make me laugh with a look… who understands me so well that she can see right through (all the way through) the walls I put up in my life, and somehow loves me anyway.

(Me too, you.)


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5 Responses to The people who know us

  1. Dawn Kelly says:

    Had no idea this would turn around and bless me so richly. I love you.


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  3. Hi,

    Love your blog!

    Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find out more here



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