Last I checked, that’s not a crime

A drawing of an envelope

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According to the good people at Hallmark, I’m not a socially awkward freak. OK, maybe I’m getting carried away; no one can debate the socially awkward freakiness of me. But not necessarily because I occasionally send no-reason cards. Because maybe no-reason is the best reason… at least, I think that’s what I’m taking away from these commercials.

All kidding aside… these commercials (the non-holiday version of the above, the one with the grown daughters discovering that their dad has kept all the cards they’ve ever given him, etc) played about 500 times during the movie I watched on ABC last night. Call it one part movie plot and one part commercial themes, perhaps with a hint of allergy-induced teary eyes… but I was awfully touched. Just this side of weepy, in places.

So I’m sappy. Whatever. Last I checked, that’s not a crime.


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