The accidental dinner


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I really didn’t plan to cook today. Actually, I didn’t plan to cook yesterday either…

On Saturday the Ladies came, we had our meeting, they left, I did the post-gathering tidy. I chilled out, listened to tunes, started to think about what I’d fix for dinner and went to have a peek at the options.

I picked up portobello mushrooms last time around. I’m not a big fan of mushrooms on the whole, but portobellos tend to taste more meaty than earthy. And I’ve had them, grilled with balsamic vinegar, at a friend’s house, and they were both delicious and texturally pleasing. Which means, in all positive ways, not mushroom-like at all. So I went to do something similar.

Since I don’t generally like mushrooms, I also don’t generally know what I’m doing with them. And since I don’t have access to a grill, I made some adjustments.

Let’s just say that it was a failed attempt, and leave it at that. I’m not totally put off trying again, but… no. Not anytime soon.

But in the process of figuring out what-all to do with the mushrooms, I stumbled across a few potatoes. I’d stashed them in the only reasonably cool-and-dry location in my cabinets after making stew earlier in the week, and had promptly forgotten about them.

Seems like, as long as the mushrooms are a fail, I might as well use up the potatoes before I forget them long enough for them to sprout. So, I did.

Now here it is Sunday. Around dinner time. I didn’t really plan to do anything particularly special for dinner. But I popped into the fridge, and discovered something behind the yogurt.

Oh, right. I took a chicken out to thaw, and to make room in my freezer for new arrivals.

Can I just pause here to reflect for a moment? Some questions come to mind. Some are pretty basic. Like, what would have happened if I hadn’t stumbled upon ready-to-cook food in my apartment two days in a row? (Probably in a few days I’d have been throwing a lot of food away.) And some are a little more alarming. Is it that having food in my apartment is so unusual that I can actually forget that I have it? Is the first sign that my mind is going? Or can I get away with blaming the stress of the last week or so at work?

I suspect I should be worried about this, but since stress is the absolute worst thing for us, I’m just going to move forward as if it’s all just fine. Perfectly normal.

In any case, there the chicken lay, wrapped at the bottom of the fridge, waiting for me to remember it. Poke poke. Hmm. Feels thawed. Maybe a little frosty in places, but not hard. Check the time. Yep. I could make a chicken tonight. It would still be a reasonable time for eating when it’s done.

Final test: is it thawed enough that the disgusting bag of crud-I-don’t-want comes out without a fight? Yes indeedy.

So now there’s thoroughly unplanned dinner cooking in my oven right now.

I’m going to call that a happy accident. Divine providence & heavenly provision.

And not the first signs of senility.


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4 Responses to The accidental dinner

  1. I love mushrooms of all varieties, especially portobellos. They are indeed meaty – which is why vegetarians turn them into “burgers”!

    Silly vegetarians…


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