Friday’s recap

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The day was long, but not bad.

A number of things were accomplished, surreal moments and awkward coffee exchanges notwithstanding.

My colleague rescheduled our lunch (again). Which is disappointing on two fronts: (1) I really enjoy having lunch with her and (2) our lunch was the only thing on my calendar Friday that made me need to be in the office at all; I could have worked from home. Oh, right. Disappointing on three fronts. Because (3) it meant I had to deal with CafeMan, who is a pleasant enough person and likes me for reasons I can’t quite understand when we’re so very different and barely understand each other to boot.

I dunno. Maybe that helps. Maybe that’s the secret?


On the way home I called my ‘rents, and my friend, and made a first attempt to call my niece.

The ladies are coming over this morning, so post-work I put the apartment (okay, the visible portions of the apartment) into order.

And then I retried and successfully reached First Beautiful Niece (FBN). Which was good because yesterday was a very special occasion. It was also brief because she had some fun things going on. 🙂

So now it’s Saturday. I am waiting for the ladies. Coffee is pending. The table is ready. So, for the most part, am I.

Good morning, starshine. Welcome to Saturday. Have a blessed and happy weekend!


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2 Responses to Friday’s recap

  1. congluteous says:

    Hope you had a great time with the ladies. I’m home now from the office … the sky is very bright and spring-like here at 3:30 PM. Happy weekend!


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