But I AM good at it

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Every week I open a thought from my sister (and her family) and it makes me laugh, or think, or smile, or cry, or some combination of those.

This week’s thought comes from my Second Beautiful Niece (SBN), who says:

I like that you get worried easily.

She’s right, I do. It’s become something of a running gag. She’ll try to jump out from around a corner to surprise me, and ask me if I was worried. (I don’t startle all that easily, while I do worry.)

I worry well and often. I worry about all the ways that they could get hurt. They do flips into the pool, and even though I know they both swim like fish (far better than I do) I get worried that they’ll slip and hit their heads. They climb trees and I worry that they’ll fall. They’re out there in the world and I worry about all the skinned knees and the heartbreaks.

I’m glad that they’re brave. I’m thankful for all the things they can do and that my tendency to worry doesn’t impede them. I’m glad that my SBN knows that I only worry because I love her and her sister so very much. And I’m glad that we can laugh about how easily (and how utterly uselessly and needlessly) I worry.

God is in control. And He loves my Beautiful Nieces infinitely and has plans for them that He has made in the light of that Love.


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