Sleeping in the wine cellar

One of the side effects of having gone to Napa and had all those comped wine tastings and tours is that I ended up ordering wine. A couple of bottles here, and few more there.

  1. It adds up. In every sense.
  2. I didn’t really need wine here.
  3. I don’t really have anyplace to store wine.

I’m going to end up bringing wine to events for a while, because I truly do not need to have this much wine around, and I truly should not drink all of it.  Unless it’s really very slowly, spread out over a long period of time. Which means that #1 and #2 might remain true but #3 needs a resolution.

Spectrum 48710 Scroll Wine Rack, Black

General lack of room for wine rack in miniscule apartment: Fail.
Acquisition of small & inexpensive wine rack: Win.
Kitchen area 20 degrees warmer & brighter than optimal for wine storage: Fail.
Bedroom generally darker and cooler: Win.

I have started clearing out closet space (a declutter I desperately needed anyway and am happy for the excuse) to give this a more permanent home, but until I get that finished… technically, I am sleeping in the wine cellar.


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