Reunion blessings

Boxing day dinner table

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On Saturday, the Ladies were over. Then on Sunday & Tuesday, I saw the Families.

Sorry, newcomers. Despite how that might sound, those both come down to clusters of people from Church, and not a collection of strippers and mobsters.

On Sunday afternoon I had soft plans to meet a friend for lunch. She called me about an hour before we had planned to meet to suggest I just come by their place and spend the afternoon with them. So off I went, and lunch turned into the afternoon turned into dinner.

And when another of our friends picked me up at the airport last week, she had invited me to join them for dinner this Tuesday. Which I very nearly forgot about in the rush of the workweek, but fortunately she did not.

English: I took this photo of a Lord's Day.

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The Families – both Sunday’s and Tuesday’s – are two of the families that were part of a House Church we were part of some years ago. I don’t get to see either of them as much as I’d like to – and it’s even less often that we can all get together – but together or apart, it’s always awesome to be with them.

They are good and dear friends. They are my other family.

How blessed am I?


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One Response to Reunion blessings

  1. congluteous says:

    I would say very blessed. And so are they! 🙂


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