Midweek flotsam

Magic wand icon

Magic wand icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Work is stressing me out. I need more hours in my day, preferably without actually working any more hours in a day. Who has that magic wand I’ve been looking for?

I finally got my taxes in the mail earlier this week.

My new mattress is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, and while the true test is the actual delivery I have to say I am really pleased with the process so far. I ordered the bed, and they let me pick what day would work for me. They let me know that I’d get a call the day before the planned delivery to confirm the time. In fact: I had an automated call TWO days before, confirming the plan for Thursday, the items to be delivered, and that I would get another call on Wednesday after 6PM to let me know the actual timing. Sure enough, when I got home on Wednesday (shortly after 6:30) I had another message. It was another automated call letting me know the planned delivery time. Their automated phone calls are actually quite good: they are recorded clearly, repeat twice, and offer a number to call (where someone actually answers!) in case of issues, questions, concerns, etc.  And THEN, within an hour after that, I had a call from an actual person confirming the same information.  Wow. So far I’m pretty impressed. Which is only partially because I have come to expect so little in terms of customer service.

I’m sick of work (even while I’m thankful for the job). I’m relieved to have the taxes off my list. I’m happy about the new bed. And I’m sad (even while I’m hopeful).

And that is the midweek flotsam report.


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3 Responses to Midweek flotsam

  1. New mattresses are exciting! Hope yours lulls you into a contented sleep every night.


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