Panorama of St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Panorama of St. Louis, Missouri, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia) One of my destinations along my way to “NEW-where”

My grand adventure to NEW-where continues to shape up. In total, the trip as planned requires 15 days, 14 nights, 8 hotels, 3 flights, 2 car rentals, and something over 2200 miles by car. And a partridge in a pear tree.

Okay, that last one? Not so much.

It’s an ambitious, crazy, outlandish, exciting project. And apart from still deciding all the what-to-see’s en route (all of which can still be in flux, because I’ve got some time to go before I go, if you see what I mean, and BTW suggestions are all still very welcome), I really feel like I’m making some progress.

For instance, I now have all 3 of the flights booked…

And 6 of the 8 hotel stays are confirmed, which covers 10 of my 14 nights. (Just STL and KC left.)

And my entry and park & ride tickets for the event at my final stop are in hand…

And I’m compiling a list of confirmations and cancel-by dates/times and street addresses for GPS purposes…

Yessiree, it sure feels like a plan is coming together.  And because the trip is still just far enough off – glorious months for me to savor this feeling – I’m still excited about it.

Whereas when it’s almost upon me, I’ll have downshifted my excitement into something like apathy. It’s not something I try to do. It’s just something that happens. I start lowering my own expectations, I guess. Though on this trip, I might have more than apathy… I might have full-on dread. OH! All that driving! What was I thinking?

I was thinking 9 states in 12 days. I was thinking 15 days of adventure. I was thinking of all those New Places to see…

My sister and I went to Italy together a few years back. We planned it about a year ahead of time. We booked it, and then we looked at each other, and we each had very different reactions.

It was our first trip together just-us-girls to anywhere, and we had both really wanted to go to Italy. But immediately on booking it, I was excited. We’re going to Italy!!! I practically crowed. My sister’s eyes were wide. We’re going to Italy! she echoed, but it wasn’t excitement she felt. Or so she told me later… she’d felt suddenly shocked by the reality of it, the enormity of it. We’re going to Italy…

But as the trip got closer, her excitement ramped up. By the time it was weeks away, she was Tigger, bouncing with the joy of it. And I had gone rather more Eeyore, as I am wont to do on the eve of a trip. In fact, it was starting to worry her, that I – “the traveler” – seemed less than enthused. But it’s only my way, to set low expectations, to worry about the details, to not really relax and enjoy the trip until I’m buckled into my seat and letting the pilot whisk us off to the start of something new and unknown…

There is no one in the world as “like me” – in some ways – as my sister.
And in other ways, we are like night and day. Opposite sides of the same coin, as it were.

Which brings me to this week’s thought. (I bet you’d all thought I’d forgotten about those, didn’t you?)

“We are so very different. Doesn’t it blow your mind how we’re from the same gene pool? God is amazing.”

He is indeed, Sis. And I’m glad He’s made us so alike and so different and a family forever.

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6 Responses to Progress

  1. Your posts are reminding me of the excitement I felt last year planning my big road trip! You’re going to have the time of your life, and will remember this always. (Also, “Adventure to New-where” is brilliant)!


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