Exercise is hot. Literally.

Skimble Workout Trainer: Global Trainers Dancing

Skimble Workout Trainer: Global Trainers Dancing (Photo credit: mariachily)

Hot yoga is all the rage (apparently).

Last night I discovered that hot aerobics are quite, um, interesting too.

Which is to say, my video workout was rendered a bit more intense than usual when I did it in my apartment/hotbox last night.

I turned shades of red that even I find disturbing. It took forever to cool down.

But I felt pretty good, once the fear that I’d killed myself had passed.

Stay cool!


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4 Responses to Exercise is hot. Literally.

  1. I tried hot yoga a few times. Didn’t see the big whoop. Also found out it’s really easy to injure yourself by hyperextension, so that was the end of that. Hot aerobics, though? That sounds brutal!


    • aka gringita says:

      Well, it was definitely challenging. If only because post-workout I worried that I might be having a heart attack. My apartment had already passed 90 degrees when I came home and turned on (1) the oven to start dinner [MISTAKE!] and (2) the barely-functioning AC unit to try to offset it. The AC lost… but that work out really was SOMETHING. 😉


  2. Pole dancing is all the rage nowadays. They’re even considering making it an Olympic sport (true story). Maybe that’s something you should try!


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