Friday shouldn’t feel this way

happy weekend

happy weekend (Photo credit: Sarah Parrott)

OK. Yes. I have been a woman of few words (or at least blog posts) this week.

If any of you were excited for me, thinking I was off on an adventure, I hate to disappoint:  I’ve just been at work. Though there was a little bit of travel, if a day-long team meeting in the next-inconvenient-state-over counts (and to my way of thinking, it doesn’t).

Anyway, my boss has been away for two weeks and it’s been a little crazy trying to watch both our desks and a little stressful as I have this sneaking fear that I am pretty much dropping balls all over the place. And even if they are mostly (probably) small ones, it stresses me out.

There’s a vacation on my horizons, and I can hardly wait for it. I am praying for a safe travels and good weather and a blessed time together that will provide each one with what they need. I am hoping for – and looking forward to – a nice, slow, sleep-in, lay-on-a-beach, catch-up-on-my-reading, play-with-my-sweet-girls, leisurely-chats-with-my-sister, chill-with-the-family vacation.

Can it be today? Can it be NOW? Or now? Or now? How about now?

No, it cannot be now. But it is soon. Praise be to God.

In the mean time, I’m working long hours, and the ladies at my church are having a conference this weekend (starting tonight) which I am very excited to go to. Or was, until I realized that I needed to get all my laundry done this weekend (so I’ll have something to wear to work, and so I’ll have something to pack for vacation, and then so I’ll have something to wear when I return to work); one graduation, two birthdays and one wedding gift to straighten out; and other errands to run. None of which is now going to be feasible this weekend. Plus, in order to get to the conference tonight, I need to leave close to “on time” and if yesterday is any indication, there’s not a prayer of that happening.

OK… maybe a prayer. 😀

And maybe I’m just overtired to the point of weepiness and making mountains out of molehills. I did, after all, manage to sleep through both of my alarms this morning, so I am definitely out of sorts.

It’s Friday. (Thank God!)

It’s all okay.

Wishing you a good Friday.


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2 Responses to Friday shouldn’t feel this way

  1. How about now?

    No? Not yet? Well, like you said, soon. Have a great weekend!


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