Oct 8: Adventure day 10

Today’s planned itinerary:

Kansas to Nebraska.

Because I was already in Lincoln, and my cousin and I had arranged for him to call me in the morning, I could sleep in and still have time to putter around in the morning.

And guess what? Coffee that didn’t burn out the back of my eyes. 🙂

When David (he goes by Dave now, and that feels weird, but he still sounds like Boston-area here in the middle of Nebraska) did call me, we made arrangements for me to go to their house and then all go out to brunch.

So I met their dog, Fred, and their cats Cocoa Bear and Daisy, and of course (and most importantly) new baby Rose, all of 7 weeks old.

She, my friends, is beautiful. And very, very sweet. Oh my goodness, what an angel!

It’s strange to see my cousin as a Dad, but it suits him. And once he didn’t have his arms full of baby girl, my cousin hugged me so hard he might have crushed my bones.

I had a really nice visit with Dave and Jenn, then I let them head off to the tasks at hand for a Monday while I went to see Lincoln. Sunken Gardens are probably fantastic in spring, and they are right across the street from the zoo, so I walked over. It’s a small zoo but entertaining enough (PS the petting zoo portion reeks to high heaven and clings for a while afterwards). They also have a cute little train around the zoo so of course I took a ride. 🙂

I also drove through the Haymarket section of town and stopped to see the Capitol, among other things. And then they had me over for dinner. All in all, a very good day.

Tomorrow: Kansas City.

Updated itinerary:


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