The day after

I used my arms and legs, more than my back. Deliberately. Thoughtfully.


One day after digging my car out of the snowy mess, my back and shoulders are killing me.

So I’m walking around here, stretching and reaching and reminding myself that if I had this same pain in my abs I’d be comforting myself – almost congratulating myself – that I must have gotten quite the workout.

It’s far less comforting than I hoped. For some reason the idea that my back might be in fantastic shape right now isn’t doing much for me.

In fact I’d love to fit in a workout today (cardio — weights are out of the question today) but first I’d have to medicate the current aches away.

Well, maybe. Later. I haven’t looked out yet to see whether the complex re-plowed after I finished shoveling yesterday.

Which is to say, I don’t know yet whether I need to go dig myself back out again.

Ah, heck with it. Maybe I’ll just stay inside until spring thaw.



About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

2 Responses to The day after

  1. Compulsive Writer says:

    Stay inside! 🙂 or move the Florida it is 67 here! 🙂


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