Winding down

Allasudden (after months of a series of updates large and small) my place is starting to feel really very put together.

Here’s the list of things I’m still mulling, for someday

  • Repainting the vertical wall at the entry way (requires an investment in repair elements, ladders and painting tools, because it’s a very very TALL wall with a staircase in it to make the whole mess more complex… and it’s also quite obviously an area that has had a lot of half-assed patchery done to it over the life of the building)
  • New lamps for the bedroom
  • New sheers for the bedroom windows (because the ones I found online from proved to be a hideous lime green shade, and BTW is also how I found out their online return process is aggravating especially once you’ve been spoiled by
  • Another collage frame for over the bed (or, alternatively, some other suitable-sized piece of art that I love, and I’ll move the collage to the other blank wall in there)
  • New, higher-quality picture frames for the living and dining rooms
  • Possibly some kind of wall art for the bathroom, if I find something I like to go with the new look and that I think will hold up to steam
  • A new area rug for the living room

And whatever else I get into my crazy head…

Aren’t I overdue to schedule a vacation or something???






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