Once again: not a real post

If I’m not going to post a blog (and apparently I’m not) then I could at least put in a little effort to share some of the blogs I’ve read and liked lately.


  • Weird Al takes on Word Crimes… and makes me so happy in the process! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, 101 books. (This also makes me want to go watch “White and Nerdy” again, by the way.)







And because over half the population of the earth shouldn’t have to carry around a subtle (and sometimes overt) worry about their safety/fear being violated. To the point that this shouldn’t even be a thing that has to be talked about… but we do… and so it is… and so we must (and I’m glad some do).
Some are quite eloquent, all are thought-provoking…



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One Response to Once again: not a real post

  1. Aussa Lorens says:

    Aw, thank you for the love!


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