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Chicago cityscape. Image Courtesy of Microsoft Partner Fotolia

My company is sending me to a conference in Chicago.

On the same dates last year, my company sent me to a different meeting, in Miami. I came home to discover the apartment complex had changed all the doors in my absence. And the locks along with them. I had managed to leave scant hours before they notified us all, so I missed that notice, and it was just a big, horrible, confusing surprise when I got back.

But that seems unlikely to repeat.

So off I will go to Chicago. And while I know that Chicago is a city with much to offer — honestly, no offense to those who live in and work in and genuinely love Chicago — the thing is… it’s a city.

I live near enough to NYC to be able to access “City” as often as I’d like, and I access it well nigh to never. However much it may offer, “City” does not appeal in general.

Plus I have been to Chicago, so the newness factor – always a win – does not apply.

And although I am sure the conference will be good, it will mean long days of being “on” and evenings being “on” or hiding out, and so whenever I thought of this trip, there was a (sigh) attached to it.

As in: I’m going to (sigh) Chicago.


It turns out Chicago is less than an hour in either direction to Wisconsin and Michigan.

There are only 5 states I haven’t visited yet, and do you know what states are among them?

US States I have heretofore NOT visited

That’s right.

Flight change, car rental, hotel adjustment… minor adventure in the making.

Because you know, I have another adventure coming up in just a couple of months, and a major excursion I’m planning for next year, and a minor one that just got on my radar, and none of that was enough to fully satisfy my wanderlust.

There is seriously something wrong with me.


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4 Responses to Spontaneous sidebar

  1. I like the way you think. I’d probably do the same thing if I were you. In fact, when we were in Nevada a couple of weeks ago, we were about 30 minutes from the Utah border and I suggested we drive there “just because.” Unfortunately, I was overruled. Yes, I have been to Utah before – more than once – but it just sounded like something fun to do.

    Next, be sure to cross OR and WA off your list!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope things are going will in the Windy City. If, in fact, you’re not out somewhere in the Michigan wilderness!


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