Off the deep end

It’s official. I’ve gone off the deep end. A normal person would get one trip under their belt before starting to plan the next, let alone the next after that, and after that, and after that. A normal person would not be figuring out ways to squeeze Short List locations into what she has already made a fairly travel full agenda for 2015, let alone coming up with ambitious two-week-plus itineraries to drive all over the Pacific Northwest in 2016. (I’m thinking May or September, maybe. Though of course there’s Puh-Lenty of time to sort out such things. In that 2016 is more than a year away fercryinoutloud.)

I need my head examined or something.

Something like a vacation.


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

One Response to Off the deep end

  1. May and September are both delightful times to visit the Pacific Northwest. You’ll avoid the bulk of the rain and heat that way.


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