Is winter over yet?

Friday night into Saturday morning, we got snow. Not a lot of snow, but a very wet, heavy mess.

So mid-morning Saturday, after walkways (finally) got cleared, I went out and shoveled my car out.

And two hours later, when the complex got around to clearing the lot, I went BACK out, and cleared out (chopped apart before they hardened permanently, dragged away in pieces) the monstrous icy boulders they’d left behind my car.

I was careful how I lifted. I pushed and dragged where I could, rather then lift needlessly.

But today? Today I hurt.

All over.

Is winter over yet? Sheesh.

PS They’re calling for a big snow here Monday night.  Bleah.


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One Response to Is winter over yet?

  1. Congluteous says:

    We had about 8 inches on Saturday morning to deal with. A repreive with some melting today, but now getting ready for tomorrow and tomorrow night into Tuesday. They predict an historic storm. Stay warm, safe and remember to bend at the knees when shoveling. I’m banking on a snow day Tuesday.


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