Commuter skies

In the darkness of 5:36 am, from 2  lanes away, I pass a bobtail as it exits to 1 South onto Bel Air Road. In the headlights of the intervening lanes, I see the familiar red stripe, and check for the familiar logo…. 

Yes, indeed. That driver making his morning deliveries doesn’t know he (or she) carries not only propane but also memories of times past and friends far away; a good omen, I decide, for this bleary and exhausted morning. 

And then I am at 95 and the northbound portion of my day. 

By the time I reach Belcamp, the sky is already parsing subtly from black into fathomless shades of a starless deep blue. 

As I cross the Susquehanna, and get a brief glimpse of horizon, I can see the promise of the light to come. 

As I reach Elkton, ahead of the crossover to Delaware, the sky is forming stripes of pink and purple that will grow to consume the sky as I pull into the office, with the sunrise. 

A bright and blessed morning to you!

Morning, Near Elkton MD


About aka gringita
Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

One Response to Commuter skies

  1. Congluteous says:

    I love those pink and purple ribbons in the sky – they remind me of a flavor of ice cream I used to see at the local ice cream shop, dripping down the sides of the universe.


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