Goodbye goodbye goodbye

She didn’t want a funeral. A waste of money, a funeral, she’d thought. 

But a gathering, a party, a celebration of life… this was more to her taste.

And so one last time, she brought us all together. In the spring, with new life.

Her daughter shares so many of her features, it almost shakes me every time I see her – my cousin, young again, as when we were kids, but in today’s fashions.

Already I can’t hear Hey Soul Sister without seeing the video her kids made for her one year, while she was fighting the cancer.

Last night, her daughter sang this at the gathering…

As I’ve said before – we didn’t always have the easiest relationship.  We were so close in age, but so different in personality. It was complex, challenging, sometimes outright difficult. But we were family, so there was always a whispering undercurrent of love.

And it was good to be with family, yesterday, to remember her, and each other.

Goodbye, honey.



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Flotsam generator. Amateur photographer. Avid traveler. Christ follower.

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