I not learn so goodly

I recently added Greek to my Duolingo learning modules.

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Small victories

I hit my step goal yesterday, which shouldn’t be a victory (sigh) but was.

And today I hit this little milestone: 365 consecutive days of Spanish on Duolingo. Read more of this post

What I Hear

I am a relatively new podcast listener. I went walking with my sister on vacation last year, and between sweltering humid melting through beachside South Carolina sidestreets, we learned (among other things) how soda works from a podcast she listens to.

It was probably several weeks after that, I actually started listening on my own. Read more of this post

Hues of Thursday morning

It’s already early morning when I step out. Obviously, 5:30am is morning. But at some times of the year I step out and 5:30 is darkness and stars; it’s night in feel. This morning as I step out, the sky is the starless deep blue of predawn.

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Observations under the influence

I’m listening to tunes and watching the dark gather and I can’t quite feel my tongue. Wine. It doesn’t take much, but I’ve had enough. Read more of this post

Feb1: Sunrise @ the office

Good morning and welcome to February 2018.

Light and ice

The cold is brutal. It started as I returned from Iceland, and has been roughly at that level since.

As if I brought it home with me. The souvenir I didn’t want. Read more of this post

Day 2.5: The Wind Howls

After we all come in from dinner, we stop and chat at the hotel bar. It’s after midnight when I head to bed.

Though I’m in a constant state of exhaustion, though I struggle to stay awake to see this country and hear what our guide is telling us about it every time I’m put on the bus… now that I should, I don’t sleep. Read more of this post

Day 2: Reykjavik, Vikings and Wine

After we return from the Blue Lagoon, we all return to our respective rooms to pull ourselves together and prepare to go out.

A few hours later, we step out for a circuitous walk into Reykjavik for shopping and then a cab ride to the Viking House restaurant and hotel across town. Read more of this post

Day 2: Blue Lagoon

I’m up early to have breakfast- the buffet at the Radisson Blu Saga is quite extensive but, like a lot of places here, on the pricy side (by trip’s end we’ll realize it was among the cheapest options and easily the best value for food we’d seen) but it’s included for us as guests. I’m not generally a breakfast person but plenty of options are provided and I find something to satisfy. Read more of this post