A is for Anniversary

A contemporary white wedding cake decorated wi...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Not today’s cake, although it too was a work of art. AND delicious to boot.

Today my parents are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. A few days ago my sister and brother-in-law celebrated their (I want to say) 15th. And in a few days, two of my best friends are celebrating their 25th. Read more of this post


D is for the Deals

For the long weekend I’m at my parents’ house, helping with the setup and manning of a yard sale.
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D is for Dreams

Microsoft Clipart: DreamThe night before my friends came to dinner, I dreamed.

I dreamed that I was back with my ex. When I woke — angry both at him and at myself and not sure which of us more so — it took me a moment to relax into the knowledge that it was just a dream.

That we didn’t reconcile or get remarried to each other. Read more of this post

D is for Dinner

Yesterday I had friends over for dinner. Lunch. An expansive midday meal. Call it what you will.

I will call it a blessing.

It was just 5 of us: Read more of this post

C is for Calendar

April’s posts stretched from C to shining C.

But alas, Read more of this post

C is for Caution

An yellow orange warning sign with an ! . Re-u...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of wearing the omnipresent boots (they rub against my boo-boos), today I am wearing regular heels.

Which is to say, I’m wearing heels that I don’t wear every day of my life.

Which is to say, I’m more than a little wary of what can go wrong when heels meet stairs. Read more of this post

C is for Contusion. And Cold Compresses.

Severe contusions. Big, bold, rainbow-colored contusions, that don’t particularly like to be touched. Or brushed against. Or leaned on.

Which is better, by far, than having to report that C is for cracked. Or maybe even crutches. Read more of this post

C is for Candles

Part of this year's twenty. Geez, I'm getting old.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of them.

For all these April birthdays. Read more of this post

C is for Cake

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apropos, since April is a busy birthday month. And today is also Young Mrs. B’s birthday, for which there will almost certainly be cake.

(Young Mrs. B makes some of the most delicious cakes ever, but I am not sure if she would be baking for herself.)

Meanwhile I have been wondering if my shortcake recipe can be doctored to make a nice maple cake. Read more of this post

C is for Colorful

And while I’m surely a colorful character in other ways, at present I am more literally so.
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