Ok. Going back to bed.

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Yippee do

You know what’s better than a long-term departmental restructure hanging over the team for months on end? Read more of this post


You can skip this one if it’s going to weird you out. I totally understand.

About two years ago, I started having occasional hot flashes. (Seriously, if you don’t want to stick around for the rest of this, I understand.) Read more of this post

It’s beginning to look a lot like chocolate

My subdepartment deals with relatively few vendors in the course of the year. Which means, we get relatively few holiday treats.

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Easily irked

There’s going to be a headache later, I betcha.

Not because of impending weather (always a possibility). Not because I feel anything but fine, fine, fine, physically.

There’s going to be a headache, because that’s usually what happens when I’m this easily irked.

(Correlation, cause or effect, I don’t know.) Read more of this post

Shopping fail. Or maybe designer fail.

Apparently, if you want a few pairs of black slacks for work — for instance if you’ve lost a little weight and safety pinning yourself into the old ones is no longer viable — there are a limited number of options. Read more of this post

Blame it on the stromboli

Last weekend I saw my oldest friend.

Which calls for me to clarify that I am referring to how long I’ve known her not how old she is.

Which then calls for me to clarify that she’s my oldest friend who is not also a member of my family, because, … well obviously Sis. Read more of this post

Feeling low. Or high.

Not my Wii Fit meter. The main clues being that I haven’t burned anything like that many calories yet today. And my Mii looks more like, well, Me.

No, wait, low again. What?

OK, so as little as I’ve been blogging lately, y’all (yeah, I said “y’all”, what of it?) have had to hear about my Wii Fit altogether too much. Read more of this post

I know about “Judge Not…” but she’s making it impossible

The small box I sit in at work (aka my cubicle) was recently relocated up to the second floor.

The outcomes: much more visibility (Meh), many more people around (Not as bad as an extreme introvert might think), significant distance from the Sniffler (Hallelujah!!), many more stairs taken in the course of a day (Fitness win), and easy access to the “nicer” ladies room… Read more of this post

I know it could be worse

I could be living in parts of the country that are forecast for 12 to 18 inches of snow today. I could be living in places that treat snow a foot deep as “a dusting.”

So, yes, I could treat a little frost mid April like it’s a small inconvenience and not the proverbial straw (of camel fame). Read more of this post