Fitness Flotsam (@Fitbit)

Some random observations…

  • I really like the Fitbit adventures and challenges. They definitely encourage me to move. Getting notices that light up my phone at midnight to tell me the Challenge is starting (etc), however, is discouraging good sleep. #tradeoffs
  • Setting an alarm to make sure I get my hourly activity in, is working well for me. The other thing that is working well, at least during the day, is that my house is so flipping cold. Moving around warms me up. It’s kind of sad though that in between I’m wearing gloves in the house. But there you have it, being cold all the time is not all bad. Apparently
  • I know I’ve become a little bit crazy about this hourly activity goal thing, because yesterday I had a meeting that ran through the entire 11 AM hour, and I was irked because it made me miss my steps for that hour (which was the only hour I missed, after making 14/14 hours for the prior 7 days). And now I’m looking at the itinerary for a Retreat I’m attending (and looking forward to) this weekend, and noticing that the sessions start on the hour and end into the next hour. There is clearly something wrong with me, when I want to tell them that if they started sessions on the half hours, the sessions could take the same amount of time and leave people a window on each side to get in their hourly Fitbit steps. Which, I’m pretty sure, is not where one’s attention should be, as one goes into a Retreat.

I managed to do this 7/7 days in a row. I doubt I will ever be able to do it again

    Afraid of my shadow

    That’s not me trying to be clever. I actually just jumped back from movement in the dark, and it was my shadow that had scared me. 

    Yup. Sometimes I’m that silly. 

    Heart rate almost back down to normal… ha. 


    I just reached Taft Point with 25,100 steps on the Pohono Trail #FitbitAdventure @Fitbit

    Random observations

    • Everyone’s rush same-day requests come on Fridays. And everyone who wants a meeting needs it to be on Mondays. What is with that? (How about we just switch the weekends up, and take Tuesdays thru Thursdays off, in that case?)
    • If companies would broadcast some kind of dance music over the loudspeakers for the last 5 minutes of every hour, no one need ever miss their 250-step activity goal for that hour. Read more of this post

    Mild misophonia

    The vent overhead in the office makes an uneven rattle and high pitched metallic grinding/squeak sound.

    It makes my teeth ache and my eyes twitch and it’s distracting as all get out at times.

    But it’s not something one of my colleagues is doing, so there’s no one to direct irrational misophonic rage at over it.

    Which is good, as these things go.

    And it’s not incessant sniffling, so that’s a win. For everyone. 

    I wonder if’n that could get fixed somehow….

    I need a roof for my cubicle

    Twice a week (on paper: holidays, vacation, bad weather and other business travel notwithstanding) I sit in the Wilmington office. It’s a quiet work environment (relative to other offices, not compared to working at home). There are 2 people who sit near me and if the ventilation system didn’t rattle and make that metallic squeak overhead (makes my teeth ache a bit) it would be kind of nice here…No snifflers! No slurpy-crunchers of apples! No chewers of mints or nibblers of sunflower seeds in shells. 

    My misophonia is not killing me here, and I’m so glad. So. Glad 

    Oh, but the lights. I am not used to these lights!

    You’d think these nice bright lights would be great because low light is that much harder on my aging eyes. 

    But no, not so much. 

    Too bright. Too fluorescent. Too much. 

    All I need is a dimmer. Or prescription reading sunglasses. Or a roof for my cubicle!

    At least I remembered my reading glasses, because it’s always a bad eye day in Wilmington. 

    But there’s no sniffler. Win. 

    Happy blank new year

    So we’re well into January and I haven’t even posted an obligatory “this year I’m going to blog” blog.

    Mostly that’s because there are so many things I want to say lately — uncharacteristically political things, or frustrations with social injustice things, or musings on life and love and loss — but none of that wants to crystallize at present.

    Too much to say becomes nothing to say, if I can’t articulate it even for myself.

    So I could blog, I suppose, about more traditionally flotsam-y topics: hopes to see the friends I miss, the joys of time spent with my family and impending fun with my nieces (who cannot possibly be growing up this fast); the progress in my much-needed workout program, the trips planned and hoped for this year…

    These things will probably come sooner than later. But not today.

    Today I’m feeling a little too.. blank inside

    Quiet down, y’all

    Which is, surprisingly, not the start of a rant about the Sniffler (joined today by a Sniffless), the Shout-Sneezer, the Serial Chip-Cruncher, Miss Obnoxious Loud Cell Ring On Her Abandoned Phone, or even Mr. Apparently Can’t Hear How Loud His Computer Is But Everyone Else In The State Can.

    Read more of this post

    What do normal people eat?

    No seriously… what do normal people fix for dinner? Assuming they are in no way responsible for either feeding another human or modeling good dietary habits for another human… what are other people doing? Read more of this post

    It hasn’t started and I’m already sick of it

    Blah blah blah Superbowl. Read more of this post

    (Not so) fresh Friday

    I am just about to walk out into a work day full of fresh uncertainty, and I discover a fresh fall of snow as well. Read more of this post