Mexican coffee?

Or at least, Mexican-inspired.

Today’s coffee brewed with ground cinnamon (as always) Read more of this post


Baked goods (with pics)

The menu kept my oven busy all day (and part of the day before).

Here’s a few scenes from The Making Of… .


The bread started OK, then went kerflunky midway. I ended up having to add Read more of this post

Productive (Or, 10 Things I Did Today)

Today I…

  1. Got a  significant Peapod delivery
  2. Smashed my toe and wondered if that was a bad sign Read more of this post

Not since Girl Scouts

I’ve said it before and I have no doubt I’ll say it again…
I don’t cook.
That said, occasionally I do, in fact, tinker about the kitchen. In fact I’m planning a dinner even now.

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D is for Dinner

Yesterday I had friends over for dinner. Lunch. An expansive midday meal. Call it what you will.

I will call it a blessing.

It was just 5 of us: Read more of this post

C is for Cooking (and Company)

Whole green beans in a carton.

Whole green beans in a carton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had guests over for dinner.

I rarely have dinner guests. I rarely do anything like real, proper cooking.

So on Wednesday I did all the prep-work that could be done, so that for the event I could throw things into the oven (bing, bing, bing, clockwork) and have a meal for guests. Read more of this post

Easter feast, chez Gringita

My parents joined me for dinner, to celebrate Easter.

For the occasion, I baked bread:


Homemade bread

It’s a basic no-knead recipe. No kneading, so it’s time, not working the dough, that causes the glutens to form.

So I had to wait for it to rise.
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All this, and she can cook too

Sometimes things just work out. Even if you aren’t so sure they would, from the start.

Like, for instance… I know how to make pot roast. My recipe involves a small chuck roast, beefy onion soup, carrots and potatoes, and either 1.5 hours on the stove top, or all day in the slow cooker.

So I picked up a chuck roast last time I ordered groceries. Read more of this post

Lazy Sunday

Sunday. Hazelnut coffee with a hint of cinnamon. Sleeping in. Intermittent flickers of work worry. And time to fix some food.


Specifically, today it’s turkey pot pie.
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Oops I did it again

S'more Rice Krispie Squares

S’more Rice Krispie Squares (Photo credit: paige_eliz)

Oops. Once again, I abandoned my blog for extensive periods. My bad.

And there aren’t even any excuses, especially considering that puh-lenty of other people have managed to have lives and careers and hobbies and holidays Read more of this post