Day 4: Bar Harbor to Portland Maine (and home)

I wake a few times in the night, probably extra restless because I know it’s a travel day. Strange sounds, a dripping that at first I think must be in my bathroom but when I come awake I know it’s the rain.

It is quite the rain. Read more of this post


Day 3: Acadia National Park

I am up early – maybe emails woke me, maybe just my body rested enough after an early night. Either way I wake up refreshed. Read more of this post

Day 2: Rockland to Bar Harbor

I wake early but fully rested, and – oh thank you Lord – the headache is finally gone. In fact, I feel better in every category. Read more of this post

Maine Day 1: Portland to Rockland

Technically I’ve been to all 50 states, but my visit to Maine, fuzzy at best in my memory because I was a child at the time, was a bit more “technical” than the rest.

So here I am, making this visit more official. Read more of this post

Day 4: Waiting

Technically I can sleep in — check out is noon, my airport pickup is 1:30pm. And I was up so late (and I’ve been so obviously sleep-hungry) that you’d think a sleep-in would be just the thing. Read more of this post

Day 3.5: Last night in Reykjavik

A few hours after we get off the bus, a group of us are regathered in the lobby to make a dinner plan. Ellen has her heart set on a gastropub in town that serves (among other things) puffin. Terry is a more cautious eater, and throws out another suggestion. Di seems not to care so long as we don’t have to freeze to get there, and Mike is willing to do whatever. Read more of this post

Day 3: Golden Circle (continued)

The long days and sleepless nights and trading being ice cold and then swelteringly hot inside (all those layers to keep putting on and off) conspire to make me sleep literally every time the bus moves more than 10 minutes. I want to stay up and see things, I just literally can’t.

We get to the Golden Waterfall. We need to put ice grips on our shoes now; it’s still colder here than anywhere we’ve been and the ground is sheets of black ice. Read more of this post

Day 3: Golden Circle

The temperatures keep dropping (and will as we travel farther away from Reykjavik throughout the day), but it’s our last full day on the tour and there is a lot to see… Read more of this post

Day 2.5: The Wind Howls

After we all come in from dinner, we stop and chat at the hotel bar. It’s after midnight when I head to bed.

Though I’m in a constant state of exhaustion, though I struggle to stay awake to see this country and hear what our guide is telling us about it every time I’m put on the bus… now that I should, I don’t sleep. Read more of this post

Day 2: Reykjavik, Vikings and Wine

After we return from the Blue Lagoon, we all return to our respective rooms to pull ourselves together and prepare to go out.

A few hours later, we step out for a circuitous walk into Reykjavik for shopping and then a cab ride to the Viking House restaurant and hotel across town. Read more of this post