Rainy and a cold

It’s raining along the eastern seaboard, at least between NYC down to Baltimore. NYC Edison Wilmington and home. All the places I monitor regularly on my weather app, all the places I find myself with frequency. 

And of course,  at BWI airport, where cold meds and cough drops are masking the plague I’ve been fighting for over a week. The airport is coming to life on a Monday morning. The meds are working, because I can tell that the air is thick with cinnamon and sugar.

 Cinnabon is next to my gate. 

One hour to boarding. 5 hours to arrival.

This is the only day this week it’s expected to stay above freezing but that only makes it sweeter that I found the fare sale when I did. 

Also, I’ve never been to Puerto Rico before. 

Halfway down the frigid air starts to turn warm and pleasant. Breaks in clouds reveal small islands surrounded by jewel tone seas. 

I feel warmer already

And then I am in Puerto Rico, making my way to my hotel, getting checked in and squared away before I start my first explorations. 

Good things to come, I’m sure

Ok. Going back to bed.

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A long way back

Smooth return flights. And so I return to my home state.

The license plate game is still ingrained, for the first few days, but within a few minutes of my landing there is already a shift. For 2 weeks, a license plate “of home” was a point of interest, the creation of a sense of kinship across distance. Read more of this post

Of reunions, weddings and birthdays (Day 14)

One of my dear friends from home has been out in Fort Collins, along with my sister and much of the rest of their organization for the last few weeks, and so she, my sister and I have a fun reunion over coffee. Read more of this post

Vegas, Baby! (Day 1)

Slight delays on departure, but nothing that can’t be made up in the sky. I arrive essentially as-planned in Vegas. (Vegas, Baby!)  The only parts of our itinerary I have visited before are at either end, so I am unsurprised this time by the slot machines in the Las Vegas airport, only by their relative silence.


My parents are running slightly late, delayed en route.

The (previously-online-only) friend I was intending to meet for a late lunch/drink (before the folks land) can’t get off work early after all (just as well, vacation days are precious)
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Near disasters and crises averted

A couple of years ago, I went on a 3-day business trip, and came home to find my locks had been changed. I wasn’t evicted or anything, they had just changed the doors on all the units, and the locks with them. There had been a notice about it, but it was a piece of paper slipped into my door dropped off sometime during the day that I had flown, so I had missed it.

It was not a happy surprise.
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Fly away home

As with the night before when I had the disembarkment looming over me, I find it hard to sleep with the morning flight coming up. I’m up ahead of my alarm and the back-up wake-up call, and out on the shuttle bus to Melbourne airport with plenty of time to spare.

At home, we’re always told to get to the airport at least 3 hours before an international flight.

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Arrival in Australia

For the first time since my arrival, I sleep terribly.

We no sooner get close enough to port for my phone to have signal, but I get 2 notices from my office’s cellular carrier that I’ve exceeded my international data limit, and my access is being cut off. (I am able to call about it, and they let me know I can have someone in my office get this resolved for me/authorize further access. This is a nice theory, but it’s Saturday back home; nothing is going to get “resolved” on this issue until I’m back in the States and no longer in need of International access. But whatever.)

What all this means for the day is that I have been hoping to hear from my tour company about today’s plans, but that isn’t going to happen via email now.

Stress-inducing as all that may be — in any case, the first thing is just to get off the ship. Read more of this post

Akaroa to Christchurch (and back)

I hadn’t meant to take a tour to Christchurch. I certainly hadn’t planned to take a tour that was almost 2 hours, each way, by bus AND didn’t even include lunch. But apparently, that’s what I did. Read more of this post


I have a very long layover in Fiji. Seven hours. Enough time that in other circumstances I might think about seeing something beyond the airport.

You know, actually being able to say I was in Fiji. Which these 7 hours will not constitute.

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