This is a little bit (a lot) all over the map. I can’t help it. I’m processing on paper. There is a lot of more than semi-random flotsam floating in my head, and I’m finding that it’s more political than usual. Sign of the times, perhaps?

I am pretty much the least political person you’ll ever meet. I’m a moderate in general. I don’t affiliate with any party. This is in part because I understand how affiliating with a group causes us to identify and tribalize in ways that aren’t always helpful. It’s also in part because I don’t think either party uniquely represents me. Read more of this post


Revisited: my visit to Machu Picchu

Yes, I went, but what did I think of it?  It’s a jumble of impressions. Their ancient architecture is amazing; sidebar jokes about it’s because they had spaceships to aid the process. Read more of this post

Catching my breath

The last image I have – the only image that remains – is having become aware of imminent danger in the split second before someone behind me pulls a plastic bag over my head and around my neck. Read more of this post

No, thank YOU

I am more blessed than I have ever, will ever, could ever deserve. Read more of this post

Only a few words

Three of the finest young men I know are or very shortly will be en route to places afar. Read more of this post

The choices we make: what we tell ourselves

Cover of "The Art of Choosing"

Cover of The Art of Choosing. A really interesting book. Definitely consider giving it a read.

My sister often tells our her girls that life is a series of choices and their consequences: good choices lead to good consequences, and bad choices lead to bad consequences.  While they are little, those connecting lines are easy to draw. Read more of this post

Grief and hope

Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I close my eyes, and I see her face. She is smiling; I hear her laugh. I can feel the warmth of the love — the loves I saw most: of Jesus, and of her family — that was woven into the very fabric of her being. Read more of this post